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Birthday fun and a live Piñata!


Dryden’s robot and WALL-E inspired 5th birthday was a huge success! The live Piñata (above) was dad with a robot head. We told the kids he stole the loot bags and they had to use the sponge bombs to soak him before he would give up the goods. I must admit, it was a special treat for me to watch him get soaked by all of our wee party guests. We made the sponges beforehand and had a big bucket of water readily available. Here is a DIY link for the sponges we used.


Above is a Wall-E “Happy Birthday” banner that I found on a great DIY website, www.ourlittlevilla.com! You can find it here.


Alas, the children found the party bags!!

October 12, 2013 | Filed under Blog, Play & Learn, Wolfgang.

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