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Daily Rhythm

If you read my blog, you are no stranger to Kim John Payne, I absolutely adore him. In a recent workshop related to my previous post, Kim spoke at length about the importance of a daily rhythm. He revealed that years of studies suggest children usually act out, tease and bully due to a lack of rhythm in the home. The reason, he believes, is that they then seek to overcontrol their environment. He insists that strengthening a child’s daily rhythm can help bring balance to a child’s day. Anything to simplify and balance can add more rhythm and predictability, increase a sense of control over environment, reduce stress and increases a child’s ability to feel safe.

Below are a few simple ideas to help strengthen a child’s daily rhythm.

– Start with your ‘anchor points.’ The anchor points of rhythm are sleeping and eating. Do your best to have them be as predictable as possible.

-Wake up before your child and awaken them with the same melody each morning.

-Ligth candles at dinner time, don’t leave the table until you blow them out.

-At bed time, Kim is a big fan of “Thorns and Roses,” in which each person discusses one “thorn” for the day — what didn’t go well, what they would have changed if they could — and one “rose” — what went well that day.

-Here is a link to a website that provides a printable list of “dinner talk” questions in a jar. A fun way to to add a pinch of magic to dinner time!

I found this quote below from Kim’s “Simplicity Parenting” website to be very inspiring.

“Meaning hides in repetition: We do this every day or every week because it matters. We are connected by this thing we do together. We matter to one another. In the tapestry of childhood, what stands out is not the splashy, blow-out trip to Disneyland but the common threads that run throughout and repeat: the family dinners, nature walks, reading together at bedtime, Saturday morning pancakes.” – Kim John Payne

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