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Sleep-In Secrets

Sleep-ins used to be far and few between at the Wolfgang residence, until just recently when someone shared a simple secret. Here it is; if you want to sleep in on Saturday mornings, you need to set up ahead of time Friday nights!

To begin, arrange your child’s favorite toys on their bedroom or on the living room floor. Use exceeding detail and remember to spread things out. If playing with Thomas the train is one of your child’s favorite activities, than gather all the tracks/trains and set up a train station for your child to get down and play as soon as they wake. Start in the hallway or nearby room, make unexpected tunnels over the tracks with paperback books. Use boxes to make a parking lot for the trains to park. Use figurines with jobs to do, to populate the train station. You get the picture! Just make sure, when it’s all said and done, that you leave something for your child to do as well!

Last but certainly not least, be sure to leave a snack out (eg. bars, fruit) in plain sight, to curb their appetite before breakfast.

Good luck sleeping in!

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